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Old Ryvita car

Our History

We’ve seen it all; The Coronation, World War II, Beatles Mania and Big Brother and we are still here baking honest rye
Birds eye view of the Ryvita Bakeries 1925-1935

1925 – 1935

Having seen Crispbread abroad an enterprising Englishman, John Edwin Garratt, founded The RYVITA® Company on the 4th April 1925.

Did you know? In 1931, the Honourable Mrs Victor Bruce claimed it was RYVITA® that kept her going throughout her record breaking round the world flight.

Ryvita advert from the war era

1936 - 1945

After originally being in Birmingham, and one of the mills being a bomb victim, our current bakery and mill, in Poole, Dorset, were set up just after the Second World War.

Did you know? During the war Chocolate RYVITA® was made as people could then eat chocolate without using up precious ration coupons!

Ryvita - The W. Garfield Weston Foundation

1946 - 1955

In 1949 Garfield Weston bought The RYVITA® Company which was the start of a close family involvement that still continues today. RYVITA® became part of Garfield’s then company Associated British Foods. Garfield’s son, Garry Weston, later assumed position as Managing Director.

Did you know? It was in 1950 that RYVITA® was awarded the Royal Warrant which indicates the Royal Family’s patronage of RYVITA®.

Ryvita advert c. 1963

1956 -1965

Due to war time paper rationing there was little advertising until the 1950’s. It was in this decade that RYVITA®’s ads became truly iconic, starting with Dior’s ‘New Look’ which virtually turned RYVITA® into a fashion accessory.

Did you know? In 1961 RYVITA® was photographed on the summit of Mount Everest as a thank you for providing the daily bread for the intrepid explorers.

Julie Andrews advert for Ryvita

1966 - 2009

From now on RYVITA®’s advertising would be synonymous with style and fame. Celebrities such as Julie Andrews, Jan Harvey and the Royal Ballet’s Svetlana Beriosova all worked with RYVITA® with the ads featuring clothes supplied by Fortnum and Mason! In more recent times RYVITA® has worked with Ulrika Johnson, Ruby Wax and Fern Britton.

Did you know? It wasn’t until the 1980’s that RYVITA® started to produce more than just two types of Crispbread!

Current Ryvita advert

2010 and onwards!

RYVITA® now has different flavours across RYVITA® Crispbread, RYVITA Crackerbread, RYVITA® Minis and RYVITA® Thins. Who knows what RYVITA®‘s future will hold, but if the past is anything to go by it there will be a lot of it!

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