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Salmon Rye

(U) Indi in Barbados

It's easy and healthy way to eat with fewer calories.

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Baked Salmon With Ryvita Confetti

(U) Anna in Kent

The crunchy, wholesome taste of Original Ryvita Crispbreads provide the perfect compliment to the tangy crème fraiche and su...

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breakfast fit for a high fliers daughter

(U) Jayshree in London

A right Royal Breakfast from one stewardess for a stewadess's daughter

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Crispy Crowning Glory

(U) Dejeniera in United kingdom

Juicy monkfish topped with a Ryvita sesame and wasabi crust and baked until delicious, making a traditional wedding course of...

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Happy and Glorious Smoked Salmon-Vodka-Beetroot Canapes!

(U) Janie in Southampton

I kid you not ma'am, I honestly can't believe anything low in fat and so simple to make has ever tasted so unctious and delic...

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Smoked Salmon and Prawn Mousse Royale

(U) Linda in Goole

A marriage of taste and luxury on top of your choice of favourite Ryvita

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(U) Ali in Essex

Smoked Salmon Parcels with Ryvita, Cream Cheese, Chives and Lemon!

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Grilled salmon with cucumber-mint yoghurt

(U) Val in Birmingham

Tasty grilled salmon with a refreshing cucumber-mint yoghurt.

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(U) Jennifer in Carmarthen

Delicously Smooth with a Crunchy Bite

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Seafood Delight

(U) Tal in London

A winning nibble along side all the bubbly

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