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Sweet chilli crayfish with cream cheese, rocket and cress

(U) Craig in Glasgow

the sweetness of the chilli crayfish and pepperiness of the cress and rocket will be balanced with the coolness of the philid...

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Regal Ryvita

(U) Reeta in Glasgow

Ryvita spread with delicious prawns, avacado lemon and champagne drizzle for the special occasion all washed down with the le...

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Royal Scottish Delight

(U) Catherine in Braintree

A pure indulgent taste perfect for weddings!

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Beauty and The Feast

(U) Sharon in Bexhill on sea

Scottish Salmon drizzled with lemon juice , crumbled feta cheese, avocado and rocket salad leaves seasoned with rocksalt and ...

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Loaded Baked Potato & Shrimp Soup

(U) Beverly in 3601 karen circle, linkwood, maryland 21835

The ultimate soup, a baked potato with all the toppings, and succulent shrimp, all served in a bowl, with a spoon, that will ...

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Healthy Omega3 fish soup

(U) Ahhar in Stockport

This soup is easy to make and conatin fish which is good for the brain and also contain Omega3 which is good for the heart.

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Spicy Squash and Prawn Soup

(U) Ann in Tunbridge wells

A glowing amber soup, velvety in texture, add a touch of spice to warm the cockles, with a passing nod to Thai, then you have...

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Creamy coconut seafood and vegetable soup

(U) Kendra in Cheshire

This soup is creamy, spicy and tasty and the coconut cream gives it the heavenly flavour.

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the Trish killer soup

(U) Shane in New jersey

this is a simple creamy cold weather make you feel good soup ready in minutes.

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Cullen Skink Soup

(U) Fiona in Edinburgh

Delicious Scottish fish combined with leeks and potatoes to deliver a winning dish that everyone wants seconds of.

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