Eat Well, Live Well - Meet the team - Kate Diver

Mon 28th Mar
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Name: Kate Diver

Position: Graduate Marketing Assistant

1.    What are your top tips for summer picnics?

My friends and I each bring a different part of the picnic like toppings and dips then share it all – that way it’s always different! Although I’m the one relied upon to provide the RYVITA®!  I also use my RYVITA® cool bag to keep things nice and fresh, plus we bring plastic plates that can be used again afterwards.

2.    What are your favourite activities to keep you entertained in the park?

To keep ourselves entertained we buy kids games like a bat and ball and Frisbee. On more adventurous days we might hire roller blades or a rowing boat, we take it in turns to row and usually end up stuck but it’s always really good fun!

3.    Our competition this month is about what will and won’t you share so tell us – what will you share and what won’t you share?

Since I’ve started working at RYVITA® I have introduced loads of my friends and family to our products. My friends love the Sweet Chilli Thins and my step mum thinks the new Crackers for Cheese are amazing so I have shared my love of RYVITA®! I’m also good at sharing my clothes and shoes with my friends.  

One of my prized possessions is my travel journal from my gap year, which is full of personal memories so I wouldn’t share that.  I’m also good at keeping secrets – so that’s another thing I won’t share!


To enter into this month's competition to win a gourmet food hamper courtesy of our friends at 'unearthed®', please tell us what you would and wouldn't share by using the comments box below.

Plus, 5 runners up will win a Ryvita® cool bag each for their own picnic (your lunch!)

Please take a moment to read our terms and conditions .Competition closes midnight 31st July 2011.

Good Luck!

THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED - THANKS FOR ALL OF YOUR ENTRIES. We will be announcing the winners shortly. Good luck! 

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  1. Richard - 06th Sep 2011


    I'd share my toothpaste but my toothbrush never in a million years.

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  3. Angela - 08th Aug 2011


    I'd share anything except my last Ryvita!

  4. Sarah-Jayne - 01st Aug 2011


    Happy to share my heart and soul ... butdraw the line at sharing gum!

  5. Shirley - 31st Jul 2011


    I would share my hopes, dreams, love and kindness but don't ask for my wine and chocolate, you know the rules!

  6. KAREN - 31st Jul 2011


    I would share just about anything except my last Rolo!

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