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Join our #30in30 challenge to get FibreFit by gradually increasing your fibre intake to the recommended 30g over 30 days

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Join our #30in30 challenge today!

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Davina McCall sits down with Deborah James aka BowelBabe to talk; life with cancer, fibre, gut health, and poo!

In this inspirational interview with Deborah James (aka BowelBabe), Davina McCall explores how living a healthy lifestyle and being aware of our gut health can help reduce the risk of bowel cancer.

Who is Deborah James?

Deborah has stage 4 bowel cancer and is an author, campaigner, and co-presenter of the top-charting podcast You, Me and the Big C

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Hints and tips on completing our #30in30 challenge

I've signed up to the #30in30 challenge - now what?

You're all signed up - well done! Are you ready to get FibreFit? We've got everything you need to gradually increase your fibre intake to the recommended 30g per day.

So, what is Fibre?

Fibre... we've all heard of it but what exactly is it and what does it do apart from 'keeping you regular'?

Helpful Hints & Tips

As part of our FibreFit campaign, we want to show you our top 5 Fruit Crunch toppings. If you haven’t signed up to our #30in30 challenge yet then we’d highly recommend it for quick, easy and informative tips on how you can increase your fibre intake over 30 days just by making small swaps or adding extras into what you’re already eating – simple!

Week 1 of the #30in30 challenge

Welcome to Week 1 of the #30in30 challenge! Now, let's get learning about those all important, delicious high fibre fruits and grains...

Week 2 of the #30in30 challenge

Well done for completing Week 1 of the #30in30 challenge! Who's ready to start week 2!? This week it's all about finding easy ways to get your 5 a day...

Week 3 of the #30IN30 challenge

Congratulations on reaching Week 3 of our #30in30 challenge! This week we're mixing it up a bit and it's all about peas, beans and lentils...

Week 4 of the #30IN30challenge

So, here it is... your final week of the #30in30challenge! Are you ready to learn more about high fibre nuts and seeds?

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