How to Read Food Labels

How to Read Food Labels

When you are trying to eat healthily, it can be a bit tricky knowing where to start. The best source for all the nutritional information you might need is right there on your food packaging.


We work hard to make sure you have all the information you need about all of our products. At the moment, some of the rules about how we label the information in our products are changing, but we want to make sure all the nutritional information you need is as easy to understand and as accessible as possible. To make sense of our food labels, we’ve put together a few tips to make it simple and easy for you.


Allergen information

If you have an allergy, make sure you read the full ingredient list on the food label. All of the ingredients used to make our products, whether they are allergens or not, are declared right there within the list. We’ve changed up some of our food packaging in line with the latest EU rules – there will no longer be a ‘contains’ section, so it’s really important that you look at the full ingredients list. We want to make this easy for you, so allergens within the ingredient list will be highlighted in some way – either in bold, underlined or written in capitals.

Allergens that we use at our bakeries but not in a specific product, are declared underneath the list of ingredients as a ‘may also contain’, this means that although we make every effort to make sure these allergens aren’t in our products, we can’t guarantee some haven’t crept in.


Nutritional information

All Ryvita products sold in the UK declare nutrition information on the food label, on the front of pack and the back of pack.

On the front of pack nutrition declaration you will find:

- The amount of energy (in kJ and kcal), fat, saturates, sugars and salt (in grams) that each portion of the food product provides.

- The percentage of energy and each of these nutrients that one portion of the food product provides in relation to the Reference Intake (previously Guideline Daily Amount or GDA).

- The nutritional values are declared per 100g so that it’s easy to compare the nutritional value with other food products, along with being declared per portion. For Ryvita products, the portion size is one slice of the product so that you can easily multiply this by how many slices you eat to find out your nutritional intake.


The back of pack nutrition declaration provides information for energy, fat, saturates, carbohydrate, sugars, fibre, protein and salt in the form of a table.



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