Buddy Training

Posted by Jackie Wren on 28th August 2018

I have always encouraged my clients to find a friend to train with, ideally someone of roughly the same fitness level and goals. There are many reasons exercising with a friend is beneficial and it's great to have someone to share your fitness journey with.

One of the main reasons people skip their training is that they get distracted and run out of time, the benefit of having someone to train with is that you set time aside in your diary so you’ll be less likely to cancel that date as you won't want to let your friend down. This has proved especially effective for my busy clients who are juggling work, study and family commitments.

Having your friend as a training partner also keeps your workouts honest and productive as you have someone to compare your progress with. Your friend is more likely to make sure you are doing the exercises correctly and working to your full potential. They will also offer emotional help and support if you are having a tough day and you need a little boost. The great news is you can also do this for your friend, through encouragement and honesty you will increase your fitness and wellbeing together, creating a positive bond.

It's fine to be competitive and it can actually be very motivating and good fun. I often say to clients who voice ''I can't do it'' that I have a client who is much older than them who can, and I know they can do it, then hey presto they give it a try and succeed! This is the same with buddy training, you can challenge each other, be pleased and encouraged with the gains you both make.

You may also find it beneficial to get a group of friends together and form a fitness pack - I try and network together clients who are local to each other and suggest they all meet up once a week to train together. This can be working out in the park, attending the local gym or going for a swim or bike ride.  This has proved very successful and rewarding for them. I love hearing about the fun they have had and gains they have made together.  

Training regularly with a friend will encourage and motivate you to push your boundaries and train outside your comfort zone. You will get to know each other’s weaknesses (we all have them!) and you can push your partner to work on those areas and not ignore them, to quote Kung Fu Panda:

 ''If you only practice what you are good at, you will never be more than you are.''


We all have slumps in energy when we are training, it may be tired legs when running or lack of energy or motivation when in the gym or weight training. It's during these times that your buddy will be there to support you and offer words of encouragement and remind you of how well you are doing and how far you have come. 

There are lots of events or classes you and your training buddy can enter together, such as fun runs, bike rides, Acro Yoga and boxing classes etc which will stop your fitness programme becoming stale or boring and up the fun levels! Variety really is the spice of life and it's much easier to be adventurous when you have a friend by your side.

Finally the bonds made whilst training together benefit us in many more ways than just our fitness, they are friendships built on trust, empathy and care that can last a lifetime.  

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