Cooking outside your comfort zone

Posted by on 6th February 2020

I’m forty-something (lost count!) and live with my wife, two year old boy and chocolate brown Labrador and we all have one thing in common…..we love our food!

I’m a half decent cook but tend to stick to the same 5-10 evening meals which do their rotation as part of the typical Tesco weekly shop.

I know my wife and I don’t get enough Fibre in our diet and although we try to eat a healthy fibre-rich breakfast, we don’t get the diversity of fibre from different types like seeds, nuts and lentils, although we do pretty well on the fruit and veg.

I came across the Happy Pear’s Shepherdless Pie recipe the other week and having tasted it (delicious by the way!), I presented the idea to my wife who was pleasantly surprised at the thought of having something different to eat for once, although she was a bit sceptical on how flavoursome it could be with lentils???

I must admit, the idea of buying, cooking and eating lentils was a bit weird for me, but I soon came round to the idea as did my wife when we added a bit of creative spin to the recipe by adding a few chick peas in to the mix. We like chick peas in a home-made curry so this gave the recipe more appeal to us!

So off I set, daring to break tradition with my usual weekly shop. As a creature of habit, this was quite a breakthrough for me having to leave my ‘auto-pilot’ switched firmly to the off position as I entered the supermarket in search of the unknown that was lentils, smoked paprika, almond milk and fresh parsley (at least I knew what parsley looked like – green leafy stuff!).

As I stood in my kitchen I was determined to make my Shepherdless Pie a meal fit for a king (or for a pie that had lost its shepherd).

Probably the hardest bit was taking my time to prep all the ingredients so that I was ready to roll and wasn’t madly scrambling round for crushed garlic, chopped green beans, parsnip, carrots or the odd sprinkle of smoked paprika.

Then it was simply a case of browning off the onion and garlic, chucking the rest of the ingredients in to a big pan, boiling and mashing the spuds and layering it in a big oven-proof dish to cook for 30 mins.

I am pleased to say my Shepherdless Pie came out the oven looking intact and smelling very tasty and 15 mins later there were two empty plates in front of me before we both helped ourselves to seconds.

I had clearly cooked far too much food so had a portion for my lunch the following day at work and froze the remaining portions, which will come in very handy when I’m knackered at the end of a day and want something nutritious, fibre rich and tasty with minimal effort.

This simple step of trying something new to up my fibre intake has given me the impetus to explore a few more FibreFit recipes so that I  get the goodness my body needs throughout the day whether it’s a bowl of granola for breakfast with a few fresh fruit added on top, some delicious Ryvita Protein crunchy rye breads for my lunch topped with hummus, or a warm-hearty meal like the Shepherdless pie to enjoy during these cold winter months.

Go on, get outside of your comfort zone! You might surprise yourself….

Matt - The Ryvita Team

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