Davina gives aerial yoga a try!

Posted by Ryvita on 1st April 2018

Meet the inspirational (and super bendy!) Julie, she is a full-time dentist in two busy mixed Private & NHS practices so daily work-outs in some guise are really important to her for de-stressing and to compensate for her "sit-down” job.

We took Davina along to meet Julie and try out one of her favourite classes… aerial yoga!

“My strap-line is that I exercise for "sanity and vanity”! Aerial-yoga is one of the things I do and fulfils this brief admirably: On the one hand it strengthens your core, balances your posture, tones up your upper and lower body and it improves your flexibility. On the other hand because you have to concentrate on the moves your mind is focused away from the stresses of the day and the endorphins released are up-lifting and re-energising. At the end of a class I can literally feel weight-less in body and mind as I lie cocooned, and rocking in the silk hammock. It’s wonderful, it’s very good for you, and I reckon almost anyone can do it and its great fun.”

Watch the video below to find out how Davina got on giving it a go!

Who'd love to give this a try with a friend? Let us know in the comments below!

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