Nicola Lewis - Feed your family like a FibreFit pro

Posted by on 4th March 2020

Professional organiser and declutter expert, Nicola Lewis, lets us in on her secret ways to feed a family like a FibreFit pro.

Nicola Lewis

Sunday’s are when I prep and plan the weekly food shop for the kids, my husband and I here at This Girl Can Organise (TGCO) HQ...


As a mum of two, it’s always been important to feed my kids healthy, tasty food but sometimes this isn’t always as easy as we’d I’m going to let you in on some of my top tips on just how easy it is to introduce fibre into your weekly family meals. 


At breakfast time, my kids love a big breakfast which is good but when you have the rush of getting them ready for school in the morning it can become a bit of strain to the routine. I always like to plan what they’d like the next day, the night before. When they were little we played a game of ‘hotels’ and they would write out a menu of what they wanted and I would plan. Now they’re teenagers the only exciting thing is them actually getting out of bed and getting dressed (haha!) so here’s a quick guide of what they have...


Hot porridge with a drizzle of honey and a chopped banana (if you want to add even more fibre then a sprinkle of seeds is a delicious addition)


  • Fruit salad with a dollop of Greek yoghurt
  •  Ryvita Rye Cakes with Nutella and banana 
  • Wholemeal toast with butter and marmite
  •  And then an apple for the journey...


As for lunches, make the switch to wholegrains. I’ve switched from white pasta to whole-wheat and my kids haven’t worked out the difference yet (unless they read this… oops!) - they just love it! I liked to batch cook some pasta on a Sunday and then add in a different sauce and veggies depending on who likes what – you can make lots of meals out of it and add whatever you like so it’s versatile and most importantly, easy!


What’s for pudding I hear you ask - fruit salad! Every other night after dinner I make us all a huge bowl of chopped up FibreFit fruit...Strawberries, raspberries, apples, mango, kiwi and bananas. It’s so refreshing to eat and I’m always being told to make more so we have enough for breakfast the next day... winner!


My girls have always had a love affair with carrots and hummus since they were toddlers, but did you know this is a high fibre snack? I didn’t! I clean the carrots, chop the ends off and slice length ways, leaving the skin on (which makes them even higher in fibre) and let the kids dip away at their hearts content.


I absolutely love rainbow coloured organisation in my house but I also like to see colour in my food too! So whenever I’m cooking dinner, I always ensure there’s some added fibre to the dish. This can be as simple as adding some sweet corn or peas to a dish or a mixture of beans into a chilli or soup. It’s a great way to bulk it out to make it more filling too!


Hiding the veggies is something I’m a pro at now. My girls are great at picking out small vegetables like onion and peppers from their sauces and then don’t end up eating any of this goodness. So, my husband came up with this fab idea - blend them! Whenever he goes to make a spaghetti Bolognese or Spanish casserole, he blends some garlic, onions, peppers, tomatoes and spinach, and uses this as a base sauce! A genius idea if you ask me. It’s absolutely delicious and the kids haven’t a clue 🙌🏻 (Sorry, kids!)



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