FIBREHACK: Easy-Peasy ways to get more Peas, Lentils & Beans

Posted by Ryvita on 27th March 2019

Try these easy-peasy FibreHacks to get more Peas, Beans & Lentils:

1. Add frozen peas

Frozen peas: they’re always there for you when you need something green to go with dinner. And although you may think of them as a vegetable, they actually count as a pulse. Simply remember to microwave or boil some to go along with whatever your cooking (Fish, chips & peas anyone?)

2. Reach for the Baked Beans

Who doesn’t loved Baked Beans? Probably the easiest way to get Beans & Pulses in, make sure you’ve always got a tin in your cupboard and you’re sorted. We like the No added Sugar versions you can get.

3. Add lentils to your pasta

This is one of our favourite fibre hacks at Ryvita HQ. Simply get dried brown lentils, give them a rinse and then cook them in the same pan as your pasta. Depending on the variety, they take roughly the same amount of time to cook (depending on the variety) and can really help bulk out a pasta dish. Check the lentils you get for specific cooking instructions.

4. Smother Hummus on Crunchy Rye Breads

Ah, hummus! How we love you. Made from chickpeas, when you pick this up from the chilled section of the supermarket, you’re picking up an easy way to get more pulses in. Smother it on Ryvita Crunchy Rye Breads for an easy snack or lunch.


5. Snack on dried beans & peas

It might sound a bit odd, but there are lots of options out there that now let you snack on peas and beans like you would snack of Crisps. Look for Graze in the supermarkets for pea-packed snack mixes. We’re also a huge fan of Hodmedod’s who grow all of their beans & pulses in the UK.

6. Go for Bean & Grain mixes

If you’re a fan of microwaved rice, why not mix it up and try one of the versions that include beans? Mexican beans, haricot beans, pinto beans – there are so many different combinations now in the supermarkets.

7. Add beans to your Chilli or Bolognese

A super simple hack; if you’re making a chilli or Bolognese, you can get your portion of beans and make your meal go further by adding a tin of beans. Simply rinse them and then add them to your chilli.

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