FIBREHACK: Highest Fibre Vegetables

Posted by Ryvita on 28th March 2019

What are the highest fibre Veggies?

Fruit & Veg are great places to look if you want to get more fibre.

Some of the highest fibre vegetables to add to your shopping basket are…

1.  Parsnips

Roasts have just got that much better knowing that Parsnips have around 3.7g of fibre per 80g portion. We know which root vegetable has just become our favourite at Ryvita HQ.

2.  Brussels Sprouts

Popular in the UK and the Netherlands (where they’re just called ‘Sprouts’). We can’t say we were surprised that these have a huge 3g of fibre per 80g of fresh sprouts. If you want to get FibreFit, these are no longer just for Christmas.

3.  Sweetcorn

When cooked from fresh, this family favourite could give you around 2.9g fibre per 80g serving (that’s 3 heaped tablespoons).  Frozen and canned are also just as good.

4.  Avocado

OK, so we know this isn’t technically a vegetable, but it’s not in the fruit section of the Supermarket either. Creamy and delicious, 80g of avocado can give you around 2.7g of fibre. Avocado on Rye bread is a classic combination, but if you want to make it even more of a meal, why not try this recipe here

5.  Carrots

Carrots have around 2.4g of fibre per 80g serving (around 3 heaped tablespoons of them cooked) and they’re super versatile. As a side, as a soup, grated or raw as a snack. They’re fab. We like them as part of a slaw, as they’re used here

6.  Kale

All hail the Kale! Believe it or not, this leafy veggies is part of the same family as Cabbages, Sprouts & Broccoli. It should come as no surprise then that it has around 2.4g of fibre per 80g portion.    

7.  Sweet Potato

Oh Sweet Potato – how we love you! Be it roasted, blitzed, as fries or in a soup, every 80g portion of raw sweet potato has approximately 2.3g of fibre in it. Make sure you eat the skin to make sure you get as much fibre as possible.

8.  Cabbage

Cabbage is having a bit of a moment in its fermented form (Sauerkraut). But did you know that fresh cabbage has around 2.2g of fibre per 80g? If fermenting isn’t for you, why not try slicing it up into a stir fry for extra fibre?

9.  Broccoli

Broccoli is an easy way to get more fibre. Each 80g of it fresh contains around 2.1g of fibre and is easily thrown into a stir fry, curry or omelette.

10.  Leeks

Leeks are great as the base for many a meal, which is good news as 80g of fresh leeks contains around 1.7g of fibre.  Leeks are also fabulous with potatoes in a soup, which brings us on to that infamous vegetable…

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