High 5’ing Your Way to Getting Your 5 a Day!

Posted by on 10th March 2020

There is plenty of guidance out there in the public sphere about getting your 5 a day of fruits and veggies, and a lot of products now even list how much the product contributes to this.

Since becoming vegan, a little over two years ago, people would think “well, he doesn’t have any issues getting his five a day”. I honestly thought the same thing when I began eating a plant-based diet. Honestly though, it was a little more difficult than I expected! I initially made up my day with other plant-based foods, like wholegrains, legumes/beans, and nuts - not necessarily fruit and veggies.

So, I had to become a little bit more structured which took some effort, but it wasn’t that difficult once you put a bit of thought into it.

But before we talk about simple tips and hints I use to get the extra in, what is a serving of fruit and veg?

Well according to the NHS, “everyone should have at least 5 portions of a variety of fruit and vegetables every day. An adult portion of fruit or vegetables is 80g.”


Getting off to right start at Breakfast

I am a creature of habit, and often tend to eat the same thing every day - a hot bowl of porridge.

I get one serving of my 5 a day right there, just by adding a sliced banana on top. You can use whatever fruit you fancy - click here to see what the highest fibre fruits are. Adding fruit will not only give your breakfast cereal more flavour, it’s such an easy way to get some added fibre in.

What about the weekend you might ask? If you are going for a traditional fry up... just add some grilled or roasted tomatoes and mushrooms on the side – simple!

If you are going sweet with pancakes, waffles, or French toast... top it off with fresh berries and banana!


Maintaining the momentum during the day

I like to break the middle of the day into three parts;

  • My morning snack
  • My big lunch 
  • My afternoon ‘pick me up’

My morning snack always includes a piece of fruit, so alongside breakfast, I’ve already ticked off two of my five a day and fruit is out of the way! (how poetic 😊)

From lunch onwards it is all about getting in my remaining 3 servings by picking veggies for the rest of the day.

As you can imagine, we have lots of Crunchy Rye Breads at Ryvita HQ! I usually have four Ryvita Crunchy Rye Breads topped with veggies such as tomato (sometimes sundried), lettuce, green or yellow peppers, and avocado.

In the afternoon for my ‘pick me up’, accompanying a small serving of dark chocolate is my go to of carrot sticks with hummus – If you’re short on time you can always buy this ready-made.


Capping it all off at Dinner time

By dinner time, all I require now is a single serving of vegetables to achieve my five a day – winning! Dinner is a quick meal for me, so I usually go for a bowl of pasta or an Asian style stir-fry.

Pepping up my pasta - To help get to my five a day I like to add in broccoli, asparagus, or mushrooms to my tomato sauce.

Stir-fry must have veg - I love a good stir-fry and you can buy lots of pre-prepared veggies from the supermarket if it’s easier for you. They contain some tasty veggies like corn, lettuce, peppers, carrots, onion, broccoli, and cabbage. You can’t go wrong with these!

Getting your five day doesn’t have to be a chore and with some simple swaps or additions to your day, you can be well on your way to being FibreFit!


Paolo - The Ryvita Team

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