FIBREHACK: The highest fibre nuts & seeds

Posted by Ryvita on 28th March 2019

Highest Fibre Nuts & Seeds

Despite their small size, the 20g of nuts or seeds can pack a serious fibre punch. Here’s the top 10 highest fibre nuts and seeds based a 20g portion. How does your favourite nut or seed rank?

1. Chia Seeds

10 years ago, it’s unlikely you’d have even heard of Chia seeds. But fast-forward to 2019 and it looks like they’re here to stay; and for good reason too – these tiny little seeds have a 6.6g of fibre in just 20g. if you’re not sure what to add them to, we’ve done the hard work for you. Find them in our Protein Rye Breads here.

2. Flaxseeds (or Linseeds as they're also known)

Flaxseeds, Linseeds, Golden or Brown. Whatever you call them, and whichever colour you choose to enjoy, they’re all high in fibre. Each 20g contains around 5.2g of fibre. We like to blitz them up and add them to our morning porridge.

3. Poppy Seeds

It turns out that Poppy Seeds are a bit of an un-sung fibre hero. Just 20g of them gives you 3.9g of fibre. Another great option to add to breakfast.

4. Sesame Seeds

We love the flavour of Sesame seeds, and they now taste even better knowing that each 20g contains around 2.1g of fibre. Add them to your stirfry or to get a sesame hit with your lunch, why not try one of our Simply Sesame Crunchy Rye Breads with some nut butter?

5. Unsalted Pistachio Kernels

If you can battle through their shells, Pistachios give you 1.9g of fibre per 20g serving. 

6. Unsalted Whole Almonds

Almonds aren’t far behind Pistachios with 1.6g of fibre per 20g portion. Great as a snack, look for whole almonds that still have their skin to make sure you’re getting the maximum amount of fibre from them. 

7. Sunflower seeds

In joint place with Almonds, Sunflower seeds also contain around 1.6g of fibre per 20g serving. The crunchy texture of these makes them a great addition to your morning cereal.

8. Whole Unsalted Hazelnuts

Coming in at number 8 are whole Hazelnuts (we’re afraid Nutella doesn’t count here). 20g of these little nuts give you around 1.5g of fibre.

9. Unsalted Peanuts

Whilst not suitable for everyone, Peanuts contain fibre with 1.4g per 20g serving. For a super-easy way to get their fibre, go for Peanut Butter. We love it on a Crunchy Rye Bread with Banana. Check out the recipe here.

10. Pumpkin Seeds

Our final entry in the High Fibre Nut & Seed Countdown are Pumpkin Seeds. 20g of these will give you around 1.4g of fibre. We love these toasted with some oil and a little bit of salt as a snack. Alternatively, you can enjoy them ready-toasted as part of our Pumpkin Seed & Oat Crunchy Rye Breads.


  • Fibre per 20g portion of nuts or seeds are calculated from an average of the major UK retailer websites where products were available, correct as of March 2019.
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