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Posted by on 8th June 2018

Jackie has been in the fitness industry since 1990 and became a personal trainer in 1994. When she first qualified as a personal trainer it was perceived as something only for the rich and famous, so she created reasonably priced workouts so anyone could enjoy the benefits and rewards of training. She continued to work at the YMCA as a fitness manager and together with some very hard working people she set up one of the first gyms in the UK that could be used by disabled and able bodied people alike, a pivotal moment of pride in her career. It was at the YMCA that she met Mark Wren, whom she then married in 1999. Together they have since had their daughter, Alexandra. She who has followed in their footsteps, working as a strength and conditioning trainer running her own business in Surrey.

Following the birth of her daughter, Jackie concentrated on her career as a personal trainer and in 2009 was lucky enough to start training Davina McCall. Over the years to come, Jackie and Mark went on to create several fitness DVD's with Davina.

As Jackie’s career progressed and her role as a personal trainer evolved, she became very interested in helping and empowering people of all ages and abilities to become the best they could be. She gained further qualifications in stroke and cardiac rehabilitation, rehabilitation following surgery, exercise during chemotherapy and psychology. She now works with a variety of clients and runs Happy 2B Me, a company that helps people physically, emotionally and mentally achieve their life goals.

So, even though Jackie is approaching an age when most people think about retirement, she is thinking about the future and planning ways to encourage other women over 40 to enjoy life, take on new challenges and strive to be the best they can be. She feels there will be many more years to come in the health and fitness industry for her, with lots more to learn and share. 

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