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Posted by on 8th June 2018

As part of the Ryvita Positivity Panel, Kathryn will bring you travel inspiration, hints and tips which we guarantee will lead to massive travel envy!

Travel blogger and photographer Kathryn Burrington was born, and still lives, in West Sussex on the south coast of England.

She caught the travel bug at a young age, inspired by her grandmother’s travel stories and souvenirs. Kathryn’s grandparents, having chosen a life of teaching in China, travelled around the world with their young son, Kathryn's father, in the 1920s and 30s before settling down back in England.

As a child, Kathryn had great difficulty learning to read and write, but despite this she graduated with a Joint Honours Degree in Zoology and Psychology from Bristol University in 1987. She later returned to college to study graphic design and photography which led her to working in the travel industry.

She started her blog, ‘Travel With Kat’ in 2011, where she shares her love for discovering new countries, cultures and cuisines. What began as a hobby soon became her ultimate passion.

Kathryn explains, “While I have been passionate about photography since the age of 10 when I was given my first camera, I didn’t try writing until well into my forties. When I started ‘Travel With Kat’ I could never have imagined where it would lead. It is literally taking me around the world, introducing me to wonderful new experiences and many fascinating, inspirational people along the way. From Grizzly Bear watching in Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest to learning how to make fresh pasta in an Italian cookery school, and from husky dog sledging in the Arctic to zip lining through the jungle in the Caribbean, it has been a varied and exciting journey. I feel so lucky to have been given these opportunities and travelling has given me so much more than I ever imagined. It is good for you on many different levels. It has increased my confidence, curiosity and awareness of different cultures.”

Last November Kathryn was the winner of the British Guild of Travel Writers’ Award for Excellence in Blogging, presented at the Guild’s annual gala dinner at The Savoy Hotel in London.

Kathryn told us, “I was shocked, and of course delighted, to be one of two finalists in this category, let alone the winner. When you consider the difficulties I had learning to write, and in particular to spell, it is a remarkable achievement. While I have never been officially diagnosed with dyslexia, teachers who specialise in this field have agreed I am most probably dyslexic. When I was at primary school no one had really heard of dyslexia. When I reached university, my spelling was still shocking but slowly overtime it improved. I still have to occasionally pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming that I’m a successful travel writer. I do hope my experience will encourage others facing similar challenges.”

Part of the joy of travel is daydreaming about and planning the next trip. For Kathryn there is always an exciting journey to look forward to, be that a solo trip abroad, a long weekend in the UK with her sister, Tessa, or a holiday with her husband, Neill.

You can follow Kathryn’s travels on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and her blog,

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