Mandy's story - Our 'Meet Davina' competition winner.

Posted by Ryvita on 18th July 2018

In January we gave our fans the chance to meet the lovely Davina McCall, and all they had to do was tell us how they “get more good in” to their lives. To say we received some fantastic entries would be an understatement. Thank you to everyone who took the time to apply – your stories were all brilliant, but one entry in particular really stood out for us and we couldn’t help but get involved!

Mandy was diagnosed with breast cancer 7 years ago and her daughter, Chanelle nominated her in the competition (such a lovely gesture!). She expressed just how inspirational her Mum was and said that after lots of attempts to get back to fitness, she needed a “little kick up the butt” to get her back to her old self. We knew meeting Davina would inspire Mandy to rediscover herself by providing some laughter and encouragement after her courageous battle.

Skip forward a few months and the wonderful Mandy met Davina! As we’d hoped, she was really inspired to make positive changes to her life but the big surprise came when Ryvita and Davina challenged her to take part in the exciting Race for Life event in Blackheath.

Like a true hero, Mandy took the challenge on and with lots of help from Chanelle, gave it her all! Watch below to see her training journey and how she got on at Blackheath…

Mandy showing off her new training kit

Training plan of action - next up, hills!

More steps and stronger legs

Longer walks and building up to 5k

4 weeks to go!

Out on a walk discussing the big day

An update from daughter Chanelle

Not long before the big event

Well done ladies, you smashed it!

Sign up to your local Race for Life here.
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