A warm welcome to Miriam Akhtar

Posted by on 8th June 2018

Miriam Akhtar is a leading Positivity Coach, author, trainer and coach. After suffering from stress and depression during her 20 years of working in the media, Miriam went through a mid-life reinvention and has gone from working on programmes for broadcast to programmes for wellbeing.

Now a Positivity Coach, Miriam’s work is about helping people to feel good, function well and flourish. Her purpose in life is to put people on the path to happiness and to make the world a happier place.

Miriam designs positive psychology programmes for the workplace and personal development courses, which range from Positive Youth through to Positive Ageing, by combining the essential knowledge and tools in a one-stop shop.

Miriam is one of 100 global experts invited to contribute to The World Book of Happiness, which was given to 200 world leaders with a request to make well-being a national priority. In addition to this, she on Top Santé‘s list of the ‘100 Names You Need to Know in Health & Well-being’ and was named as one of the Daily Telegraph‘s inspirational women who are rewriting the rules on ageing.

To find out more on Miriam Akhtar, visit www.positivepsychologytraining.co.uk or follow Miriam on Facebook and Twitter at @pospsychologist.

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