Sally Hurman - What I've learned from Ryvita's FibreFit campaign

Posted by on 11th March 2020

Sally Hurman, lifestyle & interiors Instagrammer and Blood Cancer Ambassador, lets us know what she's learned since working with us on our FibreFit campaign.

Sally Hurman

Hello! I'm Sally - I'm Mum to 3 grown boys and married to Gav (25 years this year!). I've been working with Ryvita for a while now - and to say it's been an eye opener would be an understatement! We all talk about 'eating well' don't we - but how many of us actually do as much as we should? I am sheepishly sticking my hand up here! We all know we should 'eat the rainbow' etc but what does this really mean? Ryvita have made it their mission to educate us further and I'm SO on board with this. They're actually showing us what fibre looks like and explaining how it affects our gut health and why we need fibre.

So, fibre - where is it found ? 

It's only found in plant based foods - sources say that by adding just an extra 8g of fibre a day can reduce your risk of heart disease, colon cancer and diabetes! 8g ...

What does 8g of fibre even look like? Well, it looks like half an avocado. It looks like a large pear. It looks like a handful of nuts. It looks like 4 Ryvita Pumpkin Seed and Oat Crunchy Rye Breads. Add a banana on top and you are stacking up to just over 10g!

Where else can we find fibre - well, it's a kind of carb and it's found in grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, fruit and veg. 

How much fibre should we all be eating though? 

Well thanks to Ryvita's FibreFit campaign and their 30in30 challenge, we now know that we should be aiming to eat 30g of fibre a day. WARNING! Do not suddenly start eating 30g (as tempting as it is!). Start slow and build up gently otherwise your family might ask you to leave... I'll just leave that there! 

So, how have I found the 30in30 challenge? 

Well, eating plenty of fibre makes me feel full up throughout the day. No grumbling tummies here! Eating more fibre than I used to also makes sure everything is running smoothly in the poop department - see warning above though! If you want to know more about poo & gut health in general, I highly recommend following Megan Rossi on Instagram. I met Megan at a Ryvita event and she's simply fantastic. She really knows her stuff but she also explains things in a way that is so easy to understand to your everyday person (me!).

I've also found out just how important it is to drink enough water. Staying hydrated keeps everything moving and keeps our tummies comfortable while the fibre is passing through - Water deserves a medal!

With a little extra education around fibre and how to add it easily to my diet and make slightly different choices when at the supermarket has really helped. Wholewheat pasta is one of the easiest switches we've made as a family. Along with throwing a handful of peas in to the pasta dish before serving (or even lentils if you feel like getting a bit fancy). A serving of wholewheat pasta will give you approx 7g of fibre vs white pasta which only has 3g. It's such an easy switch and is actually really tasty! 

The easiest thing to remember is that fibre is found in plant based food! It sounds obvious when you say it, but the more fibrous the plant, the more fibre you get from it in your food!

I was delighted to learn that sweet corn is high in fibre - but - and this is exciting information - SO IS POPCORN!!! Which has to be a marvellous way of eating sweet corn 😉

How are you adding fibre to your diet? I'd love to know!

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