What are the highest fibre fruits?

Posted by Ryvita on 28th March 2019

What are the highest fibre fruits?

Fruit & Veg are great places to look if you want to get more fibre. Some of the highest fibre fruits to add to your shopping basket are…

1. Figs

When it comes to fibre, dried figs lead the way. Just 2 dried figs (around 30g) can give you a whopping 3g of fibre. Alternatively, fresh figs have around 1.5g of fibre in a 80g portion. Try this recipe as a delicious way to get more figs.

2. Passion Fruit

In number 2 position are these tropical beauties (a favourite amongst Team Ryvita). 80g of fresh Passion fruits will give you around 2.6g of fibre.

3. Blackberries

When it gets to late summer, it’s time to raid the hedgerows for these dark purple fibre-gems. 80g of fresh blackberries gives you around 2.5g of fibre.

4. Prunes

Well, this wouldn’t be a high-fibre fruit list without Prunes, would it?! Not to be mistaken with dates or raisins, prunes are actually dried plums. A 30g serving of these dried gives you around 2.3g of fibre – a nice one to include in porridge.

5. Mango

Juicy mango is a great fibre find. 80g of fresh mango gives you approximately 2.1g of fibre. It goes beautifully with Coconut yoghurt in this recipe for a quick and tasty snack.

6. Raspberries

Like Blackberries, Raspberries are also up there when it comes to the top fruits for fibre. 80g of fresh raspberries gives you around 2g of fibre. We LOVE raspberries on a few slices of our Fruit Crunch Rye Breads with chocolate spread, delicious! Try it here.

7. Dried Apricots

Apricots are part of the same family as plums, so it’s no wonder that 30g of them dried gets you around 1.9g of fibre. These make a great easy snack to take on the go.

 8. Pears

A British favourite, 80g of fresh, juicy pear gives you approximately 1.9g of fibre.

 9. Blueberries

In ninth place come Blueberries. Gorgeous tumbled on breakfast cereal, when they’re fresh these tiny berries contain around 1.6g of fibre per 80g portion.

10. Kiwi Fruit

And to round off our Top 10 fruit, it’s the Kiwi. Also known as “Chinese Gooseberry” (we didn’t know that either!), 80g of fresh kiwi fruit (around 2 small fruits) will give you approximately 1.5g of fibre.  


Fibre per 80g portion of fruit are calculated from an average of the major UK retailer websites where products were available, correct as of March 2019.

Serving size suggestions are as recommended by the NHS Livewell Website https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/eat-well/5-a-day-portion-sizes/ 

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