What counts as a portion of fruit?

Posted by Ryvita on 20th March 2019

What counts as a portion of fruit?

According to the British Nutrition Foundation, a portion of fruit is:

  • Around 80g of fresh, frozen or canned fruit
  • Approximately 30g of dried fruit.
  • 150ml of smoothies or fruit juice (although read on for the NHS’ recommendation around this)

 The NHS Livewell site recommends:

“Opt for tinned or canned fruit and vegetables in natural juice or water, with no added sugar or salt.”

But When it comes to smoothies & juices, the NHS Livewell Site says:

“Limit the amount you drink to a combined total of 150ml a day. Crushing fruit and vegetables into juice and smoothies releases the sugars they contain, which can damage teeth. Juices and smoothies should be consumed at mealtimes, not as a between-meal snack, to reduce the risk of tooth decay.” 

You can find more about portion sizes from the British Nutrition Foundation here.

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