5 Delicious Rye-Based Recipes

By Ryvita on in Lifestyle
5 Delicious Rye-Based Recipes

For the last year, the unassuming rye grain has been sweeping through our Instagram feeds, championed by celebrities and foodies around the world - and it looks like it’s here to stay for 2016.

It’s no surprise that rye is gaining so much attention; health benefit claims such as promoting a healthy digestive system and helping to maintain normal cholesterol levels have made it popular with sportspeople and clean eaters alike. This tiny grain, only slightly bigger than wheat, is packed full of nutrients including magnesium and iron, which are known to help combat those moments of fatigue and tiredness. What’s more, rye contains essential vitamins and is a source of vitamin B6, pantothenic acid, riboflavin and Niacin. If you’re still not convinced, there’s more information about the health benefits of rye in our nutrition section.

So why are we talking about rye? You might be surprised to know that Ryvita crispbreads are made using this tasty little grain, so we’re fully in support of its growing prevalence. We’ve pulled together our 5 favourite rye-based recipes from around the web, which make it easy to get more of this wonderful superfood into your diet.


1) Rye Pastry – We love this recipe because of its versatility; fill it with whatever you fancy -sweet or savoury - and let your creativity reign.


2) Rye Bread – This simple alternative to your average loaf is perfect for those healthy lunch time fixes.


3) Blueberry Rye Cookies – We love cookies as much as the next person, but we love these ones even more because they’re a healthier alternative made with yummy rye.


4) Rye Breakfast Muffins – For a tasty little breakfast treat that’s also fairly healthy, why not heat these up with a drizzle of honey and slices of banana?


5) Tuna Pate with Ryvita Crispbread – One from our very own recipe range: a delicious way to enjoy Ryvita crispbreads with this tasty take on tuna pate.


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