5 Kitchen Design Ideas That Won't Break the Bank

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5 Kitchen Design Ideas That Won't Break the Bank

The autumn months are a really popular time to update the look of your kitchen: it’s the perfect opportunity to take on a household project in time to have the family round at Christmas. You might be daydreaming about the latest kitchen accessories or design ideas but, as much as we’d like to completely replace our tiled floors or kitchen cupboards, it can take quite a big chunk out of your finances which isn’t ideal before all the presents have been bought! And for those renting, a complete kitchen makeover might not even be an option at all.

Giving your kitchen a little revamp doesn’t mean you have to break the bank – there are lots of tips to make your kitchen a little nicer and more suited to your style. Intrigued? Then read on for our top 5 kitchen design ideas…

 1. So fresh and so green

Growing your own herbs like basil or mint not only tastes better than the shop-bought kind, but they can also help liven up a kitchen with their lush and brilliant tones. Why not invest in a window box, or a few potted plants to make your kitchen a little more exciting? A few flowers here and there, or having your fruit and veg in a nice bowl can also bring a colourful touch to your kitchen, as well as help you get your 5-a-day!

 2. Invest in jars and tins

One feature all great kitchens have in common is an attractive solution to storage – no one wants to see that clutter! With this in mind, have you checked out our stylish, limited edition Ben de Lisi tins? The award-winning designer, well known for his work with department store Debenhams, recently helped us create some vibrant Ryvita tins. They’re just perfect for keeping your Ryvita Crispbread fresh and they look great in the kitchen. They also come with a free pack of Fruit Crunch Crispbread – buy yours here before stocks run out!

 3. Walls and backsplash

Updating the backsplash can be a thrifty yet dramatic way to refresh the look of a kitchen. Darker colours can help to mask any splashes or stains caused by cooking, and will be easier to maintain overall. Alternatively, you can update the décor on the walls with some framed vintage art, or an attractive chalkboard to give a Parisian feel. This is an attractive and practical kitchen design idea - you can easily buy chalkboard tiles or paint, which can help you remember what you need for the weekly shop, recipes ideas or with meal planning!

 4. Colourful accents

Colourful, modern accents are a great way to brighten up your kitchen. One popular kitchen design idea uses patterned masking tape, known as ‘washi’ tape, to update the edges of shelves, pipes and even your fridge! Why not try this popular interior trend, and experiment with some bold, abstract patterns. Lining the back of shelves can also add some colour without running the risk of losing your deposit.

 5. Grounds for change

If you can’t re-tile your kitchen floor, don’t fear! You can always update the look with a rug. An outdoor one will be more resistant to staining, and can also separate the ‘cooking’ area from the ‘dining’ area in an open plan kitchen.

What is your favourite way to spruce up a kitchen? How would you use your Ben de Lisi tin? Share your kitchen design ideas by commenting below, or show us on Instagram with the hashtag #Ryvita.


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