It's finally here...Resealable Ryvita. Hurrah!

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It's finally here...Resealable Ryvita. Hurrah!

Throw away your rubber bands, say farewell to the sticky tape and pop those Tupperware’s back in the cupboard because we’re proud to announce that our tasty Deli & Fruit Crunch Crispbread packs are now *reseal-able!

We’ve listened to your pleas (sorry it’s taken so long) and added a fancy little tape to the back of the pack. After every delicious Crispbread experience, you simply fold over and reclose the pack, so each and every Crispbread is as delicious as the first!

*Available on all Ryvita Deli & Fruit Crunch Crispbread packs. Take a look here!

For extra crunch and added freshness, store your resealed Crispbread in one of our stylish Ryvita tins. You can find our fancy tins here >


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