So what's the story behind Deli?

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So what's the story behind Deli?

We thought you might have a few questions about why we chose Deli....

You’ve changed the design of Ryvita – does that mean that the product has changed?

There have been no changes made to the Ryvita Crispbread product – we have just updated the design to make it more modern and to show the versatility of the product with different servings.The colours on the packets remain the same so that you can find your usual product.


What does Deli mean?

We have introduced the word Deli to show that there is a flavour or seed topping on the Crispbread.  It means that there is more taste and a bit more premium than our Original and Dark Rye flavours.  In research, consumers thought that the flavours in our range all fit with the term Deli and sounded tasty and delicious!


Why are there pictures of soup and salad on the Ryvita packaging?

We wanted to share some of the interesting and versatile ways that our Ryvita consumers are already eating our products.  Ryvita makes a brilliant crouton for soups, sprinkling for salads or bread alternative for dippy eggs.  We’ve also made sure that we have a topped Ryvita on the packaging which might be the way that you usually eat them.  If you go to our website then you can see even more delicious recipe ideas.


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