The Ryvita guide to festivals

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The Ryvita guide to festivals

With festivals, camping and glamping season in full swing we've pulled together a Ryvita guide to camping.  Really it's just a list of simple things that might just make your life that little bit easier.

Let’s be honest, we all miss our home comforts when camping out!

Here's our list of essential items;

  1. Torch + a spare battery.  Handy for finding your tent after a late night dash to the portaloo!
  2. Portable phone charger - Let's be honest we'd be lost without our smart phones, and we found some good ones on Amazon
  3. Small medical kit. Plasters for those blisters from wearing wellies in the rain and then the sun and then the rain and oh you get the picture.
  4. Dry shampoo. A miracle in a can.
  5. Pac-a-mac. Who want'ts to carry a big coat?
  6. Wellies - standard.
  7. Ryvita Fruit Crunch - Ideal for breakfast and midnight munchies.
  8. Chocolate spread.  Particulary good with Fruit Crunch for reasons above.
  9. Flag for your tent.  Imagine trying to find your tent in a sea of tents?
  10. Wet wipes - a brilliant invention and not just for babies bottoms.


Not sure what to wear to a festival? - check out our board on our Pinterest for some inspiration.

So if you're heading to Glasto or other fab festivals this year, stay safe, have fun and pack Ryvita Fruit Crunch in your back-pack. 


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