The Ryvita TV Ads - Behind the Scenes!

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The Ryvita TV Ads - Behind the Scenes!

Have you ever wondered how TV ads are made? Well a bunch of us here at Ryvita were lucky enough to go behind the scenes on the days our two new ‘Ryvita - Anything Goes’ TV ads were filmed!

Here’s a little insight into what went on…

The clever TV ad production crew used *stop-frame animation combined with real-time action tricks with Ryvita, filmed amongst a huge array of custom-made, colourful table top settings. We really wanted to make sure the movements packed a punch, so some of the talented hands you see in the ad spinning the Crispbreads and Thins are actually professional card players and magicians, recruited for their awesome hand skills! (We even had a beautician and nail artist on set to beautify those hands!)

In the ‘Thins’ advert, there is a moment when the dips change from sweet chilli to hummus to guacamole in a seamless spinning motion - the whole transition was painstakingly done in stop-frame, demanding quite a bit of patience from everyone involved. If only dips would replenish like that in real life...

No idea what we’re talking about?

Watch the ad below if you haven’t seen it yet. Both of our ads feature loads of our delicious new recipe ideas so they’re well worth a watch if you’re looking for a bit of inspiration.

We are really chuffed with our new ads! We had lots of fun and, let’s face it, who doesn’t like playing with food?! Tell us what you think by commenting below.

*Stop-Frame - What does that mean?

If, like me, this sounds to you like the stuff of Star Wars, you’re not far off the mark. In the original films this is how they filmed those giant robotic war machines – basically it’s a technique used in animation to bring static objects to life on screen, and it’s done by moving the object in tiny little increments while filming a frame per increment. Needless to say it takes a very (very) long time…!



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