What inspired Ben de Lisi’s Ryvita tin design?

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What inspired Ben de Lisi’s Ryvita tin design?

With our gorgeous Ben de Lisi tin now 20% off, it seems like the perfect time to take look back at where it all began with award winning designer Ben de Lisi.

If you haven’t seen it yet, the limited edition Ryvita tin is popping with vibrant colours and shapes that are characteristic of Ben’s style. Ben de Lisi has been the creative force behind several collections for Debenhams, and has designed Oscar dresses for stars such as Kate Winslet and Helena Bonham Carter.

We reckon Ben’s arty tins are great for adding a touch of class to any cupboard or kitchen side – and for keeping your Ryvita Crispbreads nice and fresh, of course! But enough about what we think – we had a chat with Ben to find out a little more about how he came up with the design.

What were your inspirations?
Ben: “My benchmark has always been geometric-type lines and very bold colours – I’ve never been afraid of bold colours in my work. I was born in the 1950s and the work of artists like Mark Rothko and Pablo Picasso is where my mind always tends to go when I’m designing.”

How did you approach the final design?
Ben: “I wanted something that had the look of a painting but with a collage feel. I bought different coloured papers and cut them with blades. I’ve done lots of paintings in this way, where I’ve painted paper and then dissected it with a razor and then layered those slithers over each other. It creates a feeling of bounce and vibration - it looks like a dance. The use of black lines gives it a bigger impact – it makes the colours ‘pop’.”

How would you describe the end result?
Ben: “It’s vibrant and versatile – it sits perfectly against a simple backdrop but also works well in a ‘busier’ country kitchen. The tin has a sense of humour and fun – it gives a kitchen an accent, I think.”

What do tins like this add to a kitchen?
“I used to be of the mind that I wanted my counters really clear, except for a bowl of fruit. But that’s changed. In my kitchen I have canisters and tins on the worktops, not only because they add a point of interest but because they make life easier as you’re not always needing to reach for things in cupboards. What you need is always there in a very subtle way.”

The Limited Edition Ben de Lisi Ryvita tin is available to buy now. Get yours while stocks last!


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